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All the featues you need, while one of the most intuitive interfaces out there - this is not easy thing, but we did our best!

interfata intuitiva calendarium
Intuitive interface

One of the main objectives, and the area where we worked the hardest - we want you to create an account and use the app within the first 5 minutes

Remindere prin SMS
SMS Reminders

It's a proven fact that reminders sent prior to the appointment can reduce the 'no-show' rate by up to 40% - so we're sending 1 SMS with 4 hours before the appointments - this is an optional feature, see details in the app.

Istoric fisa clienti
Client history

You'll have the possibility to add a comment prior to the appointment - so that it's easy to remember details of appointments that happen last month (for example: check the color code use for a specific paint).

Baze de date clienti
Clients database

The platform creates a database with your clients, automatically and as you go - see how many appointments any client had, how much money they spent and when was the last appointment.

Optimizare pentru smart-phone
Smartphone optimized

We've optimized mobile access, so that it's easy for you to use the application from any smartphone - in the end, this is the advantage of digitalization, right?

Calendar staff
Staff calendar soon

Your staff can access their calendar with appointments, at any point - without the need of accessing the main application - this will bring more transparency on their day of work.

Interfata programari clienti
Appointments clients interaface soon

Your clie Your clients can create appointments by themselves, through an interface where they see only available intervals - hence, they can easily create an interface even in the middle of their night.

Plati online
Online payments soon

Allow online payments from the application, so that your clients have another way to send money your way - you get the money within 48 hours of the payment.

Securitatea datelor
Data security

All data is secured with the latest models of encryption, and it is stored in the cloud - with a back-up on a daily basis. On top, you can hide the list of appointments, so that only you can have access to it.

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